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Our Mission

It is the purpose of Naprapathic Medicine of New Mexico, Inc. to provide the highest quality standard of Naprapathic health care. The physicians and business personnel are devoted to achieving excellence in health care. It is our philosophy that this can best be achieved through our core values of professional competence in all facets of health care delivery; unwavering attention to patient dignity and sensitivity, and the maintenance of the highest standards of personal integrity. Moreover, Naprapathic Medicine of New Mexico, Inc. endeavor to meet the physical, emotional, and educational needs of all who seek our services with the expectation that such empowerment will assist them in making informed decisions about their health care and lifelong wellness.

Definition of Naprapathy (nuh-prah-pa-thee)

Naprapathy is a system of manually applied movements, both passive and active, designed to bring motion with consequent release of tension into abnormally tensed and rigid ligaments, muscles and articulations of the human body. The tissues and structures are normally moveable, flexible and resilient.

Naprapathy's philosophy is based upon a belief that all biological processes are aimed at survival and perpetuation of the species. Your body is inherently programmed to move toward health (homeostasis).

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