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Sep. 08, 2012 6:18PM
Senator Joe Cararro's Testimonial:
Two months ago, after quite a bit of traveling and coping with deadlines, I found myself with a serious tightening of my thigh muscle.  It eventually caused me difficulty walking, sleeping, and even driving.  I went to the University Clinic where they prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medication, which combined with the painful condition, prevented me from writing and meeting deadlines and projects I had to complete.  I was also told to go to physical and massage therapists, who were very talented at their jobs, but could not relieve any of the pain or restore normal function to my thigh.  This went on for over one month, with no relief in sight, many times not being able to get out of bed.

It was then that I talked to my friends Dr.LaVista and Dr. Nuzzo about my condition and they offered to have me come up to their office in Santa Fe, confident that they would be able to relieve my pain and treat my thigh so that I could walk again.  They had treated me many times at the State Capitol when I had similar injuries and conditions brought on by stress and the lack of exercise.   I was serious when I would tell people that they worked miracles.  It may not have been miracles, but when I have conditions that some very competent medical personnel cannot remedy, I figure that at the least, these doctors of Naprapathy have something in their toolbox that others haven’t figured out yet.

Unfortunately, because of my condition, I was unable to drive to Santa Fe.  They reminded me that Dr. Lampert was at their office in Albuquerque on San Pedro.  I called him and explained my situation and he had me come in immediately.  It was a tough drive over to his office, but after less than an hour treatment, I was back on my feet, pain free.  This was after a month of being drugged, massaged, manipulated and all the time, money and effort that I, and those medical facilities and practitioners, spent trying to cure my condition.
Of course, the only person to blame for all my lost time, effort and money was me.  I should have known better since I had experienced the results of their capabilities many times before.  I just want to let other people know that the aches and pains and serious disorders that occur with our bodies that prevent us from functioning without pain can be remedied by just knowing who knows what to do.  These folks know what they’re doing.
Jun. 01, 2012 8:16PM
Kathy's Testimonial:
I had several back surgeries, ending with a spinal fusion. 10 years post-op the doctors wanted to take out my spinal rods and replace them with longer ones, and insert a plate in my neck. A friend mentioned Dr. Nuzzo, and I decided to see if this was an alternative for me. Dr. Nuzzo started treating me twice a month, and slowly the pain started to subside. He then recommended yoga as a form of strengthening. I followed his advice and now I'm so strong and flexible, I teach yoga full time. I still see Dr. Nuzzo twice a month, because it keeps my joints limber, keeps the scar tissue soft, keeps my muscles from getting tight. If you had told me I would be in this place today, I would have never dreamed it possible. Needless to say, I have never gone back to the orthopedic surgeon. The combination of yoga and Naprapathy are my keys to staying healthy.
Jan. 01, 2012 10:25PM
Anonymous's Testimonial:
Dear Dr. Nuzzo

I wanted to take some time out and reflect on what your care has done and meant for me. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me through your treatments and care and I really feel grateful to have come to know you!

When I came to see you some 2 years ago I was in poor shape to say the least. You see, I am a migraine sufferer who has suffered since my early 20's with this condition and at the time I saw you (now age 45) I was averaging some 7 to 8 migraine episodes a month. Each of my episodes would last 2 to 3 days in duration with my entire skull aching at times. I had seen several Dr.'s, over the year, who would prescribe various Migraine medicines but unfortunately I would be the minority patient who suffered all the bad side effects of these medications. In time, I lost hope in these other remedies and resorted to only taking Ibuprofen to relieve the effects of each of my headaches. When I came to see you I was taking an entire bottle of Ibuprofen a month (some 300 tablets) to get relief from my episodes.