"Perfect health is possible through perfect balance"

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We provide a hands on approach to pain relief. We gently manipulate the vertebrae to stretch the attached contracted connective tissue, which may be irritating the nerves as they exit the spinal column. A treatment consists of Naprapathic Manipulative techniques, adjunctive treatments, and nutritional counseling.

Our School

Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine is in the same location as NMNM. SUNM is training future Naprapaths to carry on this century old tradition of Naprapathic Manual Medicine. Visit Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine to learn more!

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Dr. Patrick Nuzzo Explains Naprapathic Medicine

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Contact us to find out more how we can treat your stress, aches and pains without the use of drugs.

    • Physical Health

      Naprapaths specialize in connective tissues and gently manipulating fascia to realign the musculo-skeletal structure to relieve pain and stress.

    • Emotional Health

      Enhancing daily life on all levels with emotional wellness.

    • Education

      Interested in starting a rewarding new career as a Doctor of Naprapathic Manual Medicine, visit Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine

    • Nutrition

      Naprapaths examine diet and the ability to assimilate nutrients in order to maximize health.