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We provide a hands on approach to pain relief. We gently manipulate the vertebrae to stretch the attached contracted connective tissue, which may be irritating the nerves as they exit the spinal column. A treatment consists of Naprapathic Manipulative techniques, adjunctive treatments, and nutritional counseling.

Our School

Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine is in the same location as NMNM. SUNM is training future Naprapaths to carry on this century old tradition of Naprapathic Manual Medicine. Visit Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine to learn more!

Definition of Naprapathy 

Naprapathy is a system of manually applied movements, both passive and active, designed to bring motion with consequent release of tension into abnormally tensed and rigid ligaments, muscles and articulations of the human body. The tissues and structures are normally moveable, flexible and resilient.

History of Naprapathy

Naprapathy was established in the 1900s by Dr. Oakley Smith, an osteopathic student and early chiropractor. Dr. Smith was one in a handful of early chiropractors to study under Daniel David Palmer (D.D. Palmer), considered to be the founder of modern Chiropractic. In time, Dr. Smith developed his own theories on Palmer’s concepts of vertebral subluxation, one which focused more on healing and repairing connective tissue. Through extensive anatomical research, Dr. Smith discovered that fibrous, or dense, connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, and muscles) when damaged or over-used, led to a rigid, scar-like condition in the body that often interfered and aggravated closely aligned nerves.

In 1907, after devising a system of treatment for evaluating and healing damaged connective tissue, Dr. Smith founded the science of Naprapathy. Dr. Smith was an avid traveler. He liked learning about other cultures and health care practices around the world. While traveling in Czechoslovakia, he learned about an old healing practice called napravit. Dr. Smith observed the practice of napravit and found it to be similar to the technique he had been developing in United States, a gentle manipulation of constricted joints to loosen and relax.

In the Czechoslovakian language, napravit means “to correct, or fix.” Dr. Smith took “napra” from napravit (to correct) and added the Greek word pathos (suffering, or pain) to coin the name naprapathy, to correct suffering or pain. Dr. Oakley established his practice in Chicago, Illinois. Today, Chicago is the home of the largest university devoted to naprapathy, the National College of Naprapathic Medicine.

Naprapathic Manual Therapy or Evidence-based Care for Back and Neck Pain

A Randomized, Controlled Trial

Eva Skillgate, DN*, Eva Vingård, MD, PhD and Lars Alfredsson, PhD*

To compare naprapathic manual therapy with evidence-based care for back or neck pain regarding pain, disability, and perceived recovery. Naprapathy that is common in the Nordic countries and in some states in the United States is characterized by manual manipulations with a focus on soft and connective tissues, aiming to decrease pain and disability in the musculoskeletal system.

Four hundred and nine patients with pain and disability in the back or neck lasting for at least 2 weeks, recruited at 2 large public companies in Sweden in 2005, were included in this randomized controlled trial. The 2 interventions were naprapathy, including spinal manipulation/mobilization, massage, and stretching (Index Group) and support and advice to stay active and how to cope with pain, according to the best scientific evidence available, provided by a physician (Control Group). Pain, disability, and perceived recovery were measured by questionnaires at baseline and after 3, 7, and 12 weeks.

At 7-week and 12-week follow-ups, statistically significant differences between the groups were found in all outcomes favoring the Index Group. At 12-week follow-up, a higher proportion in the naprapathy group had improved regarding pain [risk difference (RD)=27%, 95% confidence interval (CI): 17-37], disability (RD=18%, 95% CI: 7-28), and perceived recovery (RD=44%, 95% CI: 35-53). Separate analysis of neck pain and back pain patients showed similar results.

This trial suggests that combined manual therapy, like naprapathy, might be an alternative to consider for back and neck pain patients.

Key Words:
back pain, neck pain, complementary therapies, manual therapy, evidence-based care (Clin J Pain 2007;23:431–439)

Pain and disability in the back and neck are very common, cause great suffering, and have vast…

Insurance Companies Accepted:
  • County of NM – Presbyterian*
  • State of NM – Presbyterian HMO & ASO*
  • City of Santa Fe – Cigna
  • Los Alamos Labs – BCBS PPO
  • NM Public Schools (NMSIA) Presbyterian and BCBS
  • Thornburg – Cigna
  • NM Health Connections  – all plans
  • Christus St. Vincent’s Hospital – United Healthcare
  • Ferguson Electric – BCBS
Without Insurance:
  • Doctor visit: $90 + tax
  • Seniors/Veterans: $65 + tax
  • Intern treatments: $40 + tax

* State of New Mexico and Santa Fe County Employee benefits have changed. Please call us for more information at 505-424-8990.

Insurance Questions

What is a Deductible?

A deductible (which is a charge from your insurance company) is paid once a year for seeing a specialist. If you have not met your deductible, prior to seeing Naprapathic Medicine of New Mexico, you will be billed for the deductible amount. The State of New Mexico’s fiscal insurance calendar year begins July 1st and ends on June 30th.  The deductible is always paid to the first specialist seen during the State of New Mexico’s fiscal year.

Insurance carriers; Presbyterian, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Lovelace or United Health Care, do not charge patients directly for their deductible, instead the deductible is taken from the practitioners reimbursement who then in turn must charge the patient.

What is a Co-Pay?

Your co-pay is a smaller amount of money that the insured (the patient) is responsible to pay at each visit to a health care practitioner.  I.E. A doctor, MRI, X-Ray’s, Labs etc.

The conditions and disorders of connective tissue and the musculoskeletal system are evaluated in various ways:
  • We gather a detailed medical history
  • We perform a standard orthopedic and neurologic examination
  • We make anatomical, topographical, muscle and range of motion evaluations
  • Gentle manipulation of the vertebrae to stretch the attached, contracted connective tissue which may be irritating the nerves as they exit the spinal column
  • Manipulation / mobilization of the muscles and related soft tissue to restore balance
  • Joint mobilization of restricted joints to restore full range of motion
Therapy Available
Therapeutics recommended such as:
  • electro-therapy
  • infra red light therapy
  • ultrasound
  • hot-cold packs
  • orthopedic supports and supplies
  • traction
  • therapeutic/rehabilitative exercises
We will be happy to make suggestions to support optimal health.
New Patients: Please print and complete the following Confidential Patient Information Form and Initial Intake Form and bring them to your first scheduled appointment, along with your insurance card.

More About Naprapaths

Physical Health

Naprapaths specialize in connective tissues and gently manipulating fascia to realign the musculo-skeletal structure to relieve pain and stress.

Emotional Health

Enhancing daily life on all levels with emotional wellness.


Interested in starting a rewarding new career as a Doctor of Naprapathic Manual Medicine, visit Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine


Naprapaths examine diet and the ability to assimilate nutrients in order to maximize health.

What is Naprapathic Medicine?

Hear from SUNM Founder, Dr. Patrick Nuzzo, About What Naprapathy Is

What Does a Treatment Look Like?

Watch the Video to see What a Naprapathic Treatment Looks Like

Outstanding Reviews

Avery Young
Avery Young
I started going to Naprapathic Medicine of New Mexico a year and a half ago because I kept tweaking my neck and I had severe back pain from scoliosis. I have worked with several of the interns and one of the doctors and I can't say enough positive things about my experience here. They have changed my life! I no longer suffer from chronic back pain, and I haven't tweaked my neck in over a year! Stop living with chronic pain and visit Naprapthic Medicine of NM!!!
Marcella L. Pirlot
Marcella L. Pirlot
I've suffered from scoliosis all my life; recently my lower back spasms have crippled me. I made an appointment with Caleb and now I'm on the road to recovery. Caleb is very knowledgeable and attuned to my needs. Im feeling so much better. He saved me another trip to Urgent care. I highly recommend Caleb.
DVS Kane
DVS Kane
I had pretty severe back tilt side to side and a straightening where I should have had curves. I also had severe sciatic pain and couldn’t to everyday tasks like laundry, washing dishes, moving items etc.. I saw many different chiropractors and a couple sports medicine doctors. No one was helping. After seeing Dr. Mason I was making progress every visit. I am now pain free and feeling great, I can’t explain how much he helped me get life back! If you have problems give this a try it was definitely a lifesaver for me! My family is now going to see Dr. Mason on a regular basis and are very happy! I will also keep seeing him once a month for maintenance. Highly recommended!!
janelle Dry
janelle Dry
I see Alicia and she is amazing. I highly recommend if you have pain that you have not been able to solve.
Shannell Townsend
Shannell Townsend
I recently pulled something in my hip area while at the gym and was in tremendous pain when bending or standing. My son recommended this place for treatment. I very rarely take pain medicine and normally avoid it all together. After my treatment I literally felt like a new person! I’m not quite sure what Josh did but it worked! The pressure helped work out the pain. It lasted for two days. The pain returned but was substantially and noticeably less. I will be back!
Allow Tao
Allow Tao
I went in stiff as a board- severe back sprain 8 weeks earlier. I wish I had come in sooner!! I would call the treatment Wonderful!! & I saw an intern named Chris (he's really great!), soon to be a doctor. I'm going to do both, see a Naprapathic doctor with insurance & interns out-of-pocket. Happy Camper.

Naprapathy(nuh-PRAH-path-y) Manual Medicine
for the 21st Century

Naprapaths Treat Stress, Aches, and Pain
without Drugs

Charting the Spine: Taking specific spinal findings and treating according to those findings sets Naprapathic Medicine apart from any other "hands-on" manual therapy profession.

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