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NMNM Offers Pain Management

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When it comes to experiencing pain, many people have different ideas and feelings. Some can take more than others, but it affects a person’s life. They tend to turn to medications to relieve the pain instead of seeking a diagnosis and working toward living pain-free.

Patients in Santa Fe, NM, now have another option. Pain management doctors are available to help others manage their issues, reduce inflammation, and cure the body without medicine.

Naprapathic Medicine of New Mexico (NMNM) is the top choice for pain management in Santa Fe. Providers never use drugs, though they don’t focus on acupuncture and other non-Western alternatives.

A doctor here can help people experience a better quality of life through a proper diagnosis and treatments to manage and relieve pain in the body. It’s a specialty that is on the rise. Please contact NMNM at (505) 424-8990 to request an appointment!

What's Pain Management? Santa Fe, NM, Patients Must Know

Acute pain is often caused by surgery or a recent injury and has a short lifespan, which improves during the healing process. Chronic pain, however, persists for years. Long-term pain is often caused by cancer and arthritis.

Pain management in Santa Fe, NM, often focuses on medicine to alleviate the problem. However, NMNM offers services to treat the issue without medication. The doctor discusses the patient’s lifestyle, issues, and other concerns to provide appropriate treatments.

Overall, pain management is crucial to alleviate pain, and it requires the best provider who understands different techniques. There’s no need to search for services, as NMNM has what Santa Fe residents require!

What's Naprapathy, and How Can It Help with Acute or
Chronic Pain for Santa Fe, NM, Patients?

People often ask what Naprapathy is and don’t understand the benefits it offers for those suffering from acute or chronic pain. NMNM helps people naturally manage pain from sitting at a desk or being in an automobile accident. There’s no need to use medicine or injections. Naprapathic Medicine of New Mexico has helped many people in Santa Fe, NM, deal with their pain and discomfort with naprapathic treatments. Pain management is easier when one chooses to work with a doctor here!

What's Acute Pain?

Typically, acute pain happens suddenly and is sharp. It's a warning of an impending disease or threat to a person's body. Typically, it occurs after a trauma or surgery, and Santa Fe, NM, residents may not want to turn to medicine to get relief.

What's Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain lasts more than three months or past the time of healing for most tissues. People in Santa Fe, NM, often experience changes in appetite, a lack of energy, less mobility, or tense muscles.

NMNM Has Connective Tissue Specialists

Naprapathy means to correct the cause of pain or suffering. It is pronounced like this: nuh-prah-puh-thee.

It maintains a person’s whole-body approach to health, so it’s a natural form of pain management and healing that addresses the connective tissues holding the skeleton together and promoting the body’s healing process. NMNM doesn’t provide pain medicine, administer injections, or write prescriptions.

Difference Between a Naprapath and Pain Medicine Specialist

A naprapath is a connective tissue specialist. They use unique and specific mobilization and manipulation techniques and tests to evaluate each patient. Plus, they’re trained to detect serious conditions. Traditionally, they’re the right choice for pain management in Santa Fe, NM, because they don’t use medicine.

Alternatively, a pain medicine specialist uses medications to relieve pain. Their services mainly focus on treating one aspect of the body, which can lead to problems later.

Generally, the pain medicine specialist uses medication or injections to stop the pain, but that rarely finds the true cause of the problem. Naprapathic care focuses on trigger points, electrical stimulation, heat/light therapy, and cold/hot therapy services to relieve the pain.

Conditions That Treat Well with Naprapathic Care

Naprapaths concentrate on the ligaments, discs, fascia, tendons, and muscles in the body and how they relate to its structure. NMNM doctors focus on restoring balance and creating movement to offer pain management to those in Santa Fe, NM.

Fascia and ligaments are the stabilizers that support the musculoskeletal system. Tension in a person’s connective tissues might cause an imbalance or misalignment of the spine. Those with spinal stenosis often have troubles because the backbone is too small and puts pressure on the nerves and spinal cord. NMNM treats this and many other conditions.

Usually, contracted connective tissues are the source of sensitivity and pain in the shoulders, neck, back, and joints. Releasing tension in those areas stops the cause and offers natural relief without using habit-forming medicine that masks the overall issue.

Types of Pain

Santa Fe, NM, residents can experience these types of pain:

NMNM Treatments for Pain Management - Santa Fe
Residents Prefer These Options

People living in Santa Fe, NM, who experienced pain used to deal with medicine to reduce it. However, that often means they aren’t treating the real issue. Life is messy; though the body can do much to repair itself, it must be given time. Medicine just makes things worse in many situations.

NMNM offers pain management treatments for Santa Fe, NM, residents. Options include manipulative techniques, nutrition counseling, and assistance for emotional health. If one suffers from depression, they don’t necessarily require medicine to live a healthy life. The professionals at NMNM can assist!

Typical Medicines Given for Pain Management

Many doctors use medicine to counteract pain. These include:

Typically, medicine isn’t the best choice. Behavioral health approaches and spinal manipulation can do much more for patients and give them a quality of life they deserve. NMNM offers services to assist!

Services Available at NMNM

NMNM offers a hands-on approach to pain management and relief. The Santa Fe, NM, doctors gently manipulate a person’s vertebrae to stretch the connective tissues that are contracted. Typically, that’s what irritates the nerves. Treatment consists of adjunctive options, manipulative techniques, and nutritional counseling.

Those in Santa Fe, New Mexico, who deal with spinal stenosis, may find that NMNM’s services are the best choice for them. Please call (505) 424-8990 to schedule an appointment today.

Why Choose a Drug-free Approach to Pain Management in Santa Fe, NM

Those living in Santa Fe, NM, don’t have to live with pain forever. They can receive evidence-based and effective treatments for various injuries and chronic pains.

Recovery in Santa Fe, NM, is possible without medicine. NMNM offers pain management services that focus on the entire person.

Effective Treatment Options for Current and New Patients

Naprapathic Medicine of New Mexico believes in choosing an evidence-based and balanced approach to pain management. The team is dedicated to providing a hands-on and personalized treatment plan to address the patient’s injury, pains, and aches.

The Santa Fe, NM, doctor offers various techniques for hip, ankle, elbow, wrist, and knee pain. Whether someone has carpal tunnel or tennis elbow, NMNM can assist.

Call for treatment in Santa Fe, NM, today!

Manage Back Pain

Back Pain

Residents in Santa Fe, New Mexico, often experience poor posture, injuries, compressed nerves, and muscle strains that lead to chronic back pain. NMNM has many treatment options to assist!

Manage Head and Neck Pain

Neck and Head Pain

Santa Fe, New Mexico, residents might experience frequent headaches, bone pain, referred pain, and muscle spasms from spinal stenosis and other conditions. Find out more about the treatments available for neck or head pain!

Manage Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Poor lifestyle choices, obesity, arthritis, muscle overuse, and previous injuries can all cause persistent and intense pain in the joints. Those in Santa Fe, New Mexico, can manage their issues without medicine by calling NMNM!

Manage Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Stiff shoulders can make Santa Fe, New Mexico, residents feel like they're out of place, swollen, or weak. There are drug-free treatments available from the specialists at NMNM! Call to learn more!

Pain Management Techniques Available

The doctors at NMNM in Santa Fe, New Mexico, are trained naprapaths. These specialists combine metabolic therapies and manual techniques to create the best treatment plan for each patient’s specific needs. These can include elements from exercise rehabilitation, nutritional counseling, and Naprapathy.

Overall, the specialists at NMNM help patients achieve pain management without medicine!

Naprapathic therapy is a specific type of manipulation for the connective and soft tissue in the body. It helps release tension and realign the body. NMNM features a specialized and unique hands-on approach to fascia manipulation to make it easier to reduce pain, increase physical functionality, and align the spine.

However, nutritional counseling is also crucial. A balanced diet helps promote the recovery process and establish a pain-free lifestyle. The experts at NMNM do a complete dietary analysis on each patient to help them make meaningful changes. Overall, the body requires proper nutrition to heal itself!

A person’s habits don’t change overnight. Therefore, the professionals at NMNM are committed to providing the tools necessary to make healthier eating choices each day. That’s easier to maintain for the long term. The doctors here aren’t focused on quick fixes. Instead, the goal is to find the root cause of the pain to treat and manage it effectively.

Physical Health

Naprapaths in Santa Fe, NM, are specialists who gently manipulate the fascia to realign everything. This is the best form of pain management for many!

Emotional Health

Santa Fe, NM, residents may not realize that their emotional health can cause pain. It's possible to improve the body and heal with NMNM's pain management treatments.


NMNM doesn't just treat people who have pain. Another service offered in Santa Fe, NM, is education for those who want to be Naprapaths or Doctors of Naprapathic Manual Medicine.


Naprapaths understand that diet is part of the body's healing process. The Santa Fe, NM, doctors at NMNM help patients get appropriate nutrients to maximize their overall well-being.


What Are Naprapaths?

Naprapaths help people deal with pain management without medication. A Doctor of Naprapathic Manual Medicine is different than a chiropractor, who uses intense and fast adjustments. Instead, these doctors in Santa Fe, New Mexico, use gentle and deep manipulation.

Why Shouldn't One Use a Pain Medicine Specialist?

Santa Fe, New Mexico, residents are quickly turning away from medication as the top choice for pain management. NMNM patients like that they can get help for their conditions without using habit-forming drugs that might come with side effects.

Naprapaths aren’t here to judge; people can take medication as necessary, but these professionals cannot prescribe them. One must see a physician for that.

Does NMNM Accept New Patients?

Yes, NMNM is currently accepting new patients at the Santa Fe, New Mexico, location. Don’t suffer from pain. See a doctor who understands the holistic approach and offers alternative methods of treatment.

What's the Process for Pain Management Treatment?

Naprapathy often uses three to four steps:

Why Choose NMNM

Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico means enjoying the beauty of nature. However, daily stress can take a toll. The pain management doctors at NMNM are here to help patients deal with their conditions and live with less pain.

Are traditional pain management techniques not working or don’t seem like the right choice? Please call (505) 424-8990 to make an appointment today!

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